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Vince McMahon linked to Newcastle take-over in ridiculously believable rumours

The boss is offering odds on a number of Vince McMahon and Newcastle United specials

by Rob Dore | February 18, 2014

Mention Vince McMahon as a potential owner for any other Premier League club and you’re liable to receive a face full of scoffing. Inform said scoffers that the club in question is Newcastle United and watch their mocking incredulity melt in to a believing nodding of the head. Take a bow, Mike Ashley.

So believable is this bizarre connection that Paddy Power today started taking bets on a number of Vince McMahon and Newcastle specials following reports that the WWE owner is interested in buying the drama magnet North East club.

  • 4/1 for V-Mac to bring foam fingers to the club shop.
  • 8/1 for any of the club’s players to challenge him to a wrestling match.
  • 20/1 for a WWE pay per view event to be hosted at St James Park.
  • 100/1 for a Newcastle player to go all WWE on a ref and put him through a table. (This would have been odds on if Joey Barton and/or Lee Bowyer were still at the club)
  • 100/1 on Alan Pardew hitting another manager with a steel chair.

Elsewhere, it’s 200/1 for Newcastle to start using WWE referee shirts as their official jersey and 250/1 for the Ameobi brothers to give the Geordies a title that they so crave in the shape of the Tag Team Championship. We presume they’ll be titled something like The Bushwackers because they’re more likely to hit the bushes outside St James’ Park than the back of the net.

One of our spokes people apparently said: “With more controversy than a Coronation Street omnibus Vince McMahon will feel right at home at Newcastle United, the only problem we foresee is that he won’t be able to decide the results of their matches.”

Good grief. Hurry up, Cheltenham.

Vince McMahon/NUFC 2014 Specials

4/1 NUFC club shop to sell foam fingers
8/1 Any Newcastle player to publicly challenge Vince McMahon to a wrestling match
20/1 A WWE PPV event to take place at St James Park
50/1 WWE referees to wear Newcastle jerseys
50/1 Shane McMahon to bid to buy Sunderland outright
66/1 Any current or former Newcastle player to join WWE
100/1 Alan Pardew to hit another manager with a steel chair
100/1 Any player to put a referee through a table during a Premier League game
200/1 Newcastle to use WWE referee shirts as the official jersey
250/1 Ameobi brothers to become tag team champions

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