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Not a spit GIF: Arjen Robben’s spat with Bacary Sagna

Bayern Munich beat Arsenal 2-0 at the Emirates, but a bigger talking point was what might have ended up in Sagna's hair.

by Josh Powell | February 20, 2014

When is a spit, not a spit? When it is actually a mere drop of ‘nose-sweat’ of course.

Arjen Robben was at the centre of a Twitter storm last night as the Bayern Munich star initially appeared to projectile dribble on to a prone Bacary Sagna. However replays were inconclusive and plenty of people pointed out that it was sweat dripping off Robben’s head on to the Arsenal man during Bayern’s 2-0 win at the Emirates.

The Dutch winger has a history of refusing to pass, cutting inside to smash a shot over the bar, and generally being a selfish so-and-so.  But he doesn’t have a history of spitting. That’s the argument a lot of people are using to defend Robben, but it’s key to remember that Keane didn’t have a history of releasing terrible albums until Hopes and Fears, and then they released four on the spin.

We’ll let you make up your own mind (on Robben, not Keane) with this wonderful animated GIF

Arjen Robben spit

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