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VIDEO: How Paddy Power pissed off Pharrell by gatecrashing the Brits

If you were too wrapped up in the Champions League, you might have missed Paddy Power crash the Brit Awards 2014. Here's how it happened...

by Josh Powell | February 20, 2014

Paddy Power’s very own Daft Punk team met up in London at around 2.00pm on Wednesday afternoon. The suits were ironed, the helmets were buffed (oh, matron) and the lads had perfected the red carpet pose. A few ‘brave pints’ later and they were ready.

Just 30 metres from the O2’s clipboard-wheeling walkie-talkie fun police our men donned their disguise and headed in to the Brit Awards. With a glamorous French model in tow and a couple of ringers roped in to act as paparazzi, our Get Lucky Team strolled past security with a quick flash of a dodgy looking pass.

As you’ll see in the video, people went pretty wild as Daft Punk donned the red carpet and posed for pictures in front of the media. Although not as wild as when they whipped off their keks!

Cameras flashed, fans screamed and Pharrell got very pissed off. Word on the celebrity grapevine suggests the Brit performer was not too pleased to see Daft Punk owning the red carpet in Lucky Pants. Ah well, you can’t please them all.

Watch the video here…

After a quick interview with Capital FM our commando team were rumbled and made a hasty exit off the red carpet to make room for Beyonce, or someone. But that wasn’t the end of it.

The pair were mobbed in the O2 as fans took their chance to grab a quick selfie with the French dance duo. A few hundred Facebook profile pictures later and the team were back at the hotel, to have a few drinks and watch the Awards unfold*.

*Who are we kidding? Nobody watches that nonsense. They had the football on.

Daft Punked the Brit Awards 2

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