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PP Vegas: Why You Need To Put Pants on Your Hands

by Rob Dore | February 24, 2014

If you’re a man then you can probably skip down the page a bit.

Ladies, have you ever wondered why the men in your life insist on sitting on the couch watching TV with their hands down the front of their pants? It’s not because they’re perverts and it’s only partly to make sure nothing has fallen off down there.

The main reason is because it feels comforting.

Now we don’t expect you ladies to start putting your hands down your pants, or ours. Unless you want to. Instead we’ve come up with the perfect solution, our Lucky Hand Pants. That’s right, pants for your hands. And they’re lucky. As if having pants on your hands isn’t enough good fortune for one lifetime.


Enjoy all the comfort of having your hands down your pants with none of the social stigma. Or smell. Plus now you can get the greatest benefit from the luckiness of Paddy Power clothing. Many a man and woman has been kicked out of a Las Vegas casino for giving the craps dice a lucky rub of their Paddy Power Lucky Pants. With the Lucky Hand Pants all your problems are solved.

Lucky Hand Pants are exclusive to Paddy Power Vegas and are as limited as a Man United midfielder so don’t hang around.

Download the all-new Paddy Power Vegas app and you could be sporting a fashion item even Lady Gaga thinks is weird. We’re taking that as a compliment. The app is exclusive to IOS, has enhanced HD graphics, is slicker than an eel in a bucket of snot and gives you the best BJ (blackjack) on the virtual strip. Yes we did just make a lame oral sex joke, deal with it.

How to get your Lucky Hand Pants

1. Opt in using your Paddy Power details
2. Download the Vegas app
3. Bet £/€10 and get free £/€5 instantly
4. If you’re one of the first 500 players to opt in and bet £/€10, you win a pair of Lucky Hand Pants

PP Vegas will be running competitions all week so don’t forget to keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter to get your hands on and in the hottest fashion item of the year.


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