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Show some balls! Paddy Power is Going Commando and here’s why you should too…

Ricky Wilson, Rizzle Kicks and Morph show their support for new male cancer awareness initiative

by Paul Mallon | February 24, 2014

Science gets plenty of credit for stuff like the Higgs boson and the discovery of new frogs in unloved corners of the world.

But what’s really important often suffers from a lack of in-depth coverage.

Like how did Brian Green ever pull Megan Fox?

Or, more importantly, why are men so crap at (a) discussing health concerns (particularly when it affects ‘down there’) and (b) acting on it.

Seeing as both (a) and (b) also involve both multi-tasking and the emotional side of things, you can see why raising awareness of men’s cancer is difficult.

Ricky-Wilson Going Commando

A ballsy new initiative, backed by Paddy Power, aims to change that (and it’s why we’re using this picture of Ricky Wilson setting fire to some pants with a flame-thrower).

Approximately 67,000 male cancers are diagnosed each year in Britain. Prognosis is significantly better when early diagnosis and early treatment is sought, which is why we are supporting the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC). This encourages guys across the UK to urge fellas to ditch their underwear for one day to help raise awareness of male cancer.

  • Friday, March 7 has been declared ‘Going Commando’ day to encourage men – and women – to talk about male cancer.

Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs, politician John Prescott, singer Rizzle Kicks, TV host Jeremy Kyle, Olympian Louis Smith, crazy fool Keith Lemon, X Factor host Dermot O’Leary, comic Bill Bailey, director Richard Osman, sauce king Levi Roots and Aardman’s Morph all ditch their undies in their own inimitable style. Wait… what? Morph?!

Yes, even Morph and his little Plasticine balls are on board. This campaign is also the best excuse you’ll ever give to HR about not wearing pants to work.

Watch the Going Commando video

We usually love a good stat on the Paddy Power Blog. This one, not so much…

  • 19,381 British men lose their lives to prostate, bowel and testicular cancer in the UK each year.

If making you think about Kyle or Prescott with no pants on helps the cause, we’re sorry, but we hope you understand.

How you can get involved

Well, for starters, free ‘Going Commando’ stickers (below) are available in all UK Paddy Power shops. Slap one of your arm to show your support.

Going Commando Morph stickers

By being more aware and by publicly signalling your support for the campaign through the wearing of the specially-designed sticker it is hoped men will learn to become generally more alert to the possible symptoms of male cancer and will overcome the embarrassment of discussing men’s health issues.

All donations made through a text donation service will go towards future awareness campaigns designed to highlight male cancer issues and get men talking about male cancer. (There is no additional charge for sending the text message).

Going Commando Morph stickers on arm2

Paddy Power will be distributing over 100,000 free stickers from their 265 UK stores. Companies across the UK have signed up to make them available to staff in their offices including Google, Virgin, and Tetley, whilst several media owners have donated free TV, cinema, radio, press, poster, and online space to help create pants-free Friday.

TV Presenter and MCAC Ambassador Jeremy Kyle said: “As a survivor of testicular cancer and ambassador of Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, this is a great idea for a really important issue. I hope guys across the country get involved and that it’s not too chilly on the day!”

People can show their support by using the #goingcommando hashtag on Twitter and can also donate to the MCAC by texting PANT14 followed by £2, £5 or £10 to 70070.

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