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Top tips to survive St Patrick’s Day

We asked our Facebook fans what they recommended in order to survive the St Paddy's day weekend. Some of the advice we got back was...well...simply weird.

by Paul Mallon | March 14, 2014

Thanks for Sharing St Patrick's Day 3

Meet Peter and Chris. They asked Paddy Power’s Facebook fans for your tip tips to survive.

Here’s what you said….

Clearly some of the advice from Paddy’s Facebook fans is a cause for concern but the need for survival guidance during St Paddy’s weekend is massive. Sometimes a dirty fry-up, a sit-down shower and some Lucozade isn’t enough. A raw potato and refusing to sleep however is probably a step too far.

That’s not to say it doesn’t work. Attempting to have as little sleep as possible at all times sounds flawed but, we haven’t tried it. We are 99 per cent sure it’s a terrible idea but clearly we can’t write it off. Maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

If anyone see’s Willie by the way, get him a pint on us.

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