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Video: Ruby Walsh and Barry Geraghty star in this hilarious/bizarre video

by Rob Dore | March 14, 2014

When you have two of the best jockeys in the world at your disposal ahead of the biggest jumps festival in the world, the sensible thing for most people would be to grill them for tips and insight and then pass said insight on to the customers. We’re not most people. Or very sensible.

Instead we used Ruby Walsh and Barry Geraghty to make this animated video which doesn’t feature a single horse. Or mention anything even vaguely Cheltenham related. It does however contain John McCririck in a bathtub. So there’s that.

This project could lead to the issuing of a number of P45s here in Power Tower but what the hell? It’s better than being sacked for peeing in the coffee machine. Which we definitely haven’t done yet.

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