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VIDEO: Bundesliga cameraman gets knocked out in classic comedy injury

by Aidan Elder | March 18, 2014

When we saw the title ‘Cameraman Knocked Out’ we were deeply suspicious. We’ve been stung too many times by people giving pretty unremarkable videos supposedly exciting titles. We thought this was another case of the excessive hyperbole we’ve become accustomed to seeing on football videos – ya know:

‘The MOST AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, BREATH-TAKING GOAL you’ll ever see in a fourth division Moldovan match’

only to see a striker tap a simple finish from about four yards out.

Or ‘RIDICULOUS DECISION in the Manchester United v Livepool match’

Yes – we thought it was strange to give Marouanne Fellaini a game too.

Anyway – this one lives up to its title. Trying to keep the ball in play, Hoffenheim captain, Andreas Beck put a foot on one of those ‘how much more sponsorship can we cram into a football ground?’ mini-hoardings (I’m sure they’ve got a better name than that), slips and ploughs into the poor old cameraman.

Despite looking fairly innocuous, he really does get knocked out, needing to be stretchered off to where-ever comedy injuries get treated – the Royal Chucklebrothers’ Infirmary we’re guessing.

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