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GIF: Devote the next 1.13 seconds of your life to seeing this MMA fighter getting knocked out quicksmart

by Aidan Elder | March 19, 2014

We’ve never heard of the UCMMA. It might be sacrilege, but it looks like the UFC, but not ‘the UFC on steroids’, more ‘the UFC on cheeseburgers’. At first look everything appears to be like as you’d expect, but when you look a bit closer, everything’s slightly more flabby around the edges.

Anyway, it provided this incredible knockout last weekend when wearing his finest Primark shorts, Sam Heron took a kick to the head from Micheal ‘Shredder’ Garret and lost out in what the video is possibly erroneously calling ‘world’s fastest knockout’.

Erroneous or not, it’s pretty remarkable and well worth a few seconds of your time.

Thanks @ Barstool Sports

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