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Play Tim Sherwood Meltdown Bingo as Tottenham face Benfica

by Aidan Elder | March 20, 2014

It started off so well. After several crap results towards the end of 2013 brought the curtain down on AVB’s era of unfounded confidence, it looked like Daniel Levy may have accidentally fluked his way into appointing the perfect man for the job.

Yes, the experts would tell you that he lacked normally vital things like ‘trophies’, ‘experience’ and ‘a stable personality’, but Tim Sherwood got Emmanuel Adebayor playing well for a few games and that was enough to make it feel better than life under Villas-Boas. Since then, it’s gone a bit Neil Warnock, with that combination of failing to acknowledge your own short-comings and giving the players a bollocking becoming a feature of his comments.

He clearly cares about the club on a deep and profound level. And we respect that. Oh, we damn well respect that. Doesn’t mean we’re not going to take the piss out of it though.

So, play our totally not patented Tim Sherwood Meltdown Bingo. If you’re a Spurs fan, it’ll take the attention away from your inevitable exit from European competition. If you’re not a Spurs fan, well

It’s win-win. Unless of course you’re a Spurs fan, where things are very rarely ‘win’ at all these days.


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