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VIDEO: The worst injury you don’t actually see you’re ever likely to see

by Aidan Elder | March 20, 2014

The other day we celebrated the return of baseball – not because we want to sit through for the four hours of not much happening in a game of relatively little importance – mainly for the amusing and often painful array of GIFs and videos the sport provides.

On Tuesday we had this gem of an umpire getting his babymaking equipment crushed by a high velocity baseball and today we serve up this dose of someone else’s pain. And the season hasn’t even started yet!!

The picture quality is a tad grainy so we’re thankfully spared the gruesome sight of him getting hit, but it’s mainly through the sound effects that you get a sense of the pain.

The pitcher, Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Aroldis Chapman is fine. Kind of. A few skull fractures around the eye. So not fine, but at least he still has the ability to reproduce.

Thanks @ Deadspin

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