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How punters have been coining it thanks to Paddy Power’s Acca Bonus

Sit back as and let us blow our own trumpets

by Aidan Elder | March 24, 2014

For the last couple of months, we’ve been trying to weasel our way into your good books by throwing a rather juicy Acca Bonus in your general direction.

You know the one – that insanely generous one where you get a 5% bonus added to your winnings for a successful treble, 10% for a successful four-fold, 15% for a successful five-fold … all the way up to 100% for a successful acca of 14 legs or more.

And you don’t have to be sharper than Joey Essex to realise that we’re bracing ourselves for more weekend carnage as Man CityChelseaLiverpool, and Man Utd look tailored-made for a four-fold, which adds an extra 10% to your winnings.

Acca Bonus table

We hope it’s working because one thing’s for sure – it’s costing Paddy Power an absolute packet. The other day, I saw him singing songs from famous musicals while working as a lighthouse keeper.

Although it may have been Susan Boyle – they do look very similar.

Anyway, it’s costing us a pretty penny and weekends like the one we just had when the vast majority of the favourites do the business only increase the pain. With Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Everton, Celtic and Burnley all winning last weekend – it was acca bonus meltdown. In the Premier League alone, nine of the 10 favourites won with only Aston Villa being a massive letdown. Much to no-one’s surprise.

Bonus territory

As a result, thousands of Paddy Power customers have benefited by having their winnings inflated thanks to our bonus. And that’s not all.

Since the start of the promotion in February, the number is massive. We’re not allowed to say, but it’s big. If all the customers were to suddenly form a town of their own for no real reason, that town would be bigger than Fakenham, but not as big as Mexico City. Somewhere in between. They certainly wouldn’t need to resort to marrying their own cousins for procreation! So possibly not that similar to Fakenham.

The some of the numbers are mind-boggling. One UK-based punter landed an incredible 1,137/1 12-fold. That’s pretty sweet in its own right, but it gets even better when you add a juicy 80% bonus to those winnings. If you feel like getting jealous, here’s how it happened:

  • Liverpool – 4/11
  • Everton – 7/10
  • Hull – 5/4
  • Man City – 1/6
  • Newcastle – 10/11
  • Norwich – 13/10
  • Leeds – 10/11
  • Wigan Athletic – 19/20
  • Notts County – 11/8
  • Celtic – 1/6
  • Inverness CT – 5/4
  • Motherwell – 5/6

Well done you brave soul. Anyone who has the balls to put Leeds in an acca these days deserves a huge bonus.

Paying the (best) price

To make matters worse, our traders have been smugly telling us how it’s ok to be best price on the favourites because they’ll start getting beaten soon. So far that’s gone about as well as David Moyes’ attempt to fill Fergie’s shoes. Not well.

  • At the weekend, we were best price on five of the ten Premier League favourites. In comparison, Ladbrokes and Bet365 could only manage two. PAH! They don’t even do very good nob gags.
  • If you’re something of a cynic and think we’re just twisting once-off data to suit ourselves, then we say to you ‘stop being so cynical, Mr or Mrs Cynic.’ In the season to date, Paddy Power have been best price on 57% of favourites in comparison to Bet365 (30%), Ladbrokes (33%) and Skybet (6%). Oh they may think we’re all gimmicks, but their gimmick should probably involve better odds.
  • If you put £10 on the top 6 (excluding Arsenal because they’re weren’t favourites) to win, you’d have won £212.65 on our regular prices; this rises to £253.18 with our outlandish 20% Acca Bonus. This is 7% more than Bet365 (including their bonus), 16% more than William Hill, 26% more than Betfair, and 31% more than Skybet. Here’s a table showing how great we are:


So, if you haven’t already, get involved while you can. Our marketing can’t keep wasting the company’s money forever. Despite their best efforts.




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