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VINE: Let’s all laugh at this own goal face-smash

It's painful. Painfully funny of course.

by Josh Powell | March 30, 2014

Two events that, by definition are not good: The own goal and the face smash. Combine the two and you have the recipe for a disaster. But a disaster that is highly amusing to practically everybody else who has the pleasure of watching over and over again.

Step forward Marwin Hitz – goalkeeper for Augsburg and star of the show. In a Bundesliga match between Augsburg and Mainz, Hitz tipped the initial shot on to the post but as the ball bobbled back, internet gold was in the making.

In an attempt to boot the ball out of harms way, the Augsburg defender plants the ball squarely on Hitz’s face and it ends up in the back of the net of the keeper’s mush. I’m going to stop explaining it now so you can just enjoy watching for yourself.

The game finished 3-0 to Mainz for anybody who was interested.



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