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INFOGRAPHIC: 178 years of Grand National history explained with pretty pictures and whimsical words

All info you need to know on the world's most famous Steeplechase - and quite a bit you don't need to know

by Aidan Elder | March 31, 2014

Did you know?

  • The Grand National began life as a way of punishing horses found guilty of treason against the horsey king
  • The biggest price winner of the Grand National was Smell My Dutch Oven who claimed the 1951 race at odds of 2000/1
  • Jerry M won the 1912 Grand National, but to this day suspicions remain that he was taken up by an alien spaceship and brought to the finish line at the speed of light to complete a simple victory.

Well clearly they were all lies, so there’s obviously a need for someone to compile a long list of Grand National facts in a comprehensive yet visually appealing format.

Oh what’s that? Someone has already done that? And that someone is us – the wonderful and in no way big-headed people of the Paddy Power Blog? Oh that’s handy.

So here it is – pretty much all the information you need to know about the Grand National. Well, pretty much all the information you’re arsed knowing about. And probably quite a bit of information you’re not arsed about.



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