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Grand National 2014: Russell Grant looks to the stars for our Horsey Horoscopes

Russell Grant looks to the cosmos for your Grand National Tips.

by Aidan Elder | April 3, 2014

Everyone is attracted to winning – with the possible exception of Newcastle fans.

Whether it’s the lottery, a local raffle or the occasional game of Russian Roulette – so many folks who don’t usually gamble love a bet on the Grand National. Most of us have our own method of making our selection that usually relies on putting all of our hopes and dreams in the laps of the punting Gods.

It’s not an exact science, but the stars can offer a little insight into how to pick a winner. Knowing how to interpret the language of the cosmos might be your key to success at the Grand National this year. Or it might go as well as Mel Gibson’s career.

Many people are familiar with the way their characters can be associated with their Sun sign. Well there are other correspondences existing between terrestrial and celestial forces and here I’ll give you a few astrological pointers based on the horse’s star signs.

Which Star Signs to Bet on at the Grand National?

Martian energy is powerful on Saturday but wilfulness can lead to accidents.That’s why Aries horses will blast forward with a power that leaves others in the dust but will overconfidence be their downfall? The clumsy beggers. Once they’re fixed on a goal, Gemini and Aquarius horses will be propelled by a powerful inner drive to win – ‘Oh Daddy if I win the Grand National, then will you love me?!’ – that kind of drive. Virgo and Capricorn horses will be the ones with the stamina to complete the course while lucky Jupiter favours Cancerian horses. While with the Sun close to Uranus, the unexpected is the expected so there could be a surprising twist to this amazing race.

The Star Performers …


Taurus is one of the most determined signs of the zodiac and when balanced with unstoppable energy this can lead to wonderful things. The moment they’re off Taurus will get into a good rhythm, not unlike Russell Brand being unleashed into a room of moderately attractive single women. They may not always be super-fast but stamina as well as speed is what will help this horse stay the course. With their ruler Venus linking with Saturn and Neptune in the skies, when the going gets tough, the Taurus will really get going. I’m thinking Billy Ocean belting that tune out just as they hit the Canal Turn for the second time. No matter how big the challenge, the Taurus horse will take it head on – even listening to a Billy Ocean album.

Horseys with this horoscope: Tidal Bay, Triolo D’Alene, Colbert Station, Big Shu, Vintage Star, Pineau De Re, One In A Milan, Swing Bill



The Piscean’s natural exuberance will be stimulated by Saturday’s stars. The Pisces horse can be gentle and docile but also amazingly forceful once they’ve set their sights on a goal. These horses perform well in competition and are loyal to their riders. It is a little known fact that 1858 winner Little Charley requested jockey William Archer despite Archer’s well-publicised misdemeanors. This loyalty paid off as the two romped home and celebrated a happy life together.

Pisces horses will enjoy the challenge of the big fences but in also being nervously excitable, these horses could be prone to rushing in far too quickly. Yes, it’s only a first date, but by the end of it a Pisces horse will have given you his PIN number, full STD history and a key to his apartment. With their ruler Neptune linking with Jupiter and Pluto, it could well be the performance of a Pisces horse that takes everyone by surprise.

Horseys with this horoscope: Hunt Ball, Quito De La Roque, Walkon, Wayward Prince, Double Seven, Buckers Bridge, Raz De Maree, Rose Of The Moon


Curious and restless Gemini horses will always want to see what’s round the next bend, which admittedly in the case of the Grand National is mostly ‘more fences’. Like a middle-age nudist, they love to run and feel free. There’s a competitive streak in them too but it is controllable. Gemini horses won’t shy away from taking risks and can easily adapt to different conditions. Again, like a good nudist dealing with a cold snap. They’re also easily distracted so will the whirl of excitement on the big day cause them to zig-zag their way to the winning post? Chill your beans, it should be fine because their ruler Mercury making a positive link with Saturn should help keep them focused as they head to the line.

Horseys with this horoscope: Mr Moonshine, Teaforthree, Mountainous, The Rainbow Hunter, Shakalakaboomboom, Last Time D’Albain

Potential Horo’ Stories …


Aries horses will have an almost instinctive belief that once they’re off and racing, nothing can go wrong. Like Coldplay’s relentless self-belief that their new singles are going somewhere. They have the driving force of their ruling planet Mars to blaze their way to glory. The key is keeping all that Martian energy focused and controlled. Arians are the leaders of the zodiac and these horses will revel in their own successes as well as being willing to take risks others would shy away from. They’ll totally chance a cheeky week in Spain without taking out travel insurance. But can their rebel streak be controlled while the Sun and Mars oppose each other in the skies?

Horseys with this horoscope: Long Run, Rocky Creek, Across The Bay, Prince De Beauchene, Monbeg Dude, Burton Port, Our Father, Chance Du Roy, Hawkes Point, Kuzhlinn, Twirling Magnet, Vesper Bell, The Package, Alvarado



Aquarius horses could well meet a tall, dark stranger on Saturday. Unfortunately, it might well be one of the Grand National fences because they are one of the more accident prone star signs. It’s not all pissy cupcake though. Both mentally and physically agile, the Aquarius horse’s inner strength and galloping wit gives them a psychological advantage over others. It is this horse’s energy and their almost human optimism that helps them perform to the peak of their ability.

Unfortunately it’s the same optimism United fans had when David Moyes took over and that’s gone really well. With their ruler Uranus being particularly active in today’s skies, this will bring a never give up attitude into play. The Aquarius horse will enjoy the challenge of this formidable race but there’s an element of unpredictability in today’s skies which brings the clumsiness into focus. Might be worth avoiding them on Saturday. Or taking a lift with them.

Horseys with this horoscope: Balthazar King, Battle Group, Golan Way


The Cancerian horse’s confidence and energy will be intensified by their graceful mystery. Once their passion is kindled by the excitement of the race there will be no stopping them. Ruled by the Moon, these horses can be sweet and gentle one moment then moody and cranky the next. A lot like buying Lion Na Bearnai’s jockey Davy Russell a tin of Roses and then putting them on the top shelf. So what mood might they be in on Saturday? With the Moon linking to Mars and Venus, he will have a strongly intuitive link with their rider and once they’re off, both will be firmly focused on that one moment of winning. If he doesn’t, expect a narky post-race interview.

Horsey with this horoscope: Líon Na Bearnaí



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