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It’s not Pink it’s Salmon! Spend 5 Get 20 FREE with Bingo

by Rob Dore | April 6, 2014

Pink – a colour most of us avoid like a trip on a Megabus, but, what if pink made you stronger more confident? Not the Appletini loving, houmous quaffing hairdresser your mates might instantly assume if they saw you in a shade of Mauve. There’s no reason to fear the pink and here’s why.

Anyone who watched Bubba Watson triumph at the 2012 Masters will have noticed the champ sporting both a pink sun hat AND a pink driver. Bubba clubbed his way round Augusta to claim his first major title. We’re not saying it was because of the pink that he won but you can’t prove otherwise.


Juventus began their illustrious history wearing pink before adopting the frankly boring black and white stripes we know today. However, they returned to a Magenta kit in 2011 and what a return it was. The team took the Serie A title having been UNBEATEN all season in the league (take note Arsene Wenger). We also like that it really brought out Pirlo’s eyes.


Then there are all those American Footballers who wear pink every October to raise breast cancer awareness. Studies have shown that tackles are even harder in October as the pink gear these mavericks play in gives rise to higher levels of muscle growth and testosterone. Are you saying you’re tougher than a 350lb footballer? Didn’t think so.


So what does all this mean? Well, it tells you that wearing pink makes absolutely no difference to your sexuality, masculinity or fashion sense in fact it increases all three of those things. Stick two fingers up to the naysayers and come and play Paddy Power Bingo. We’ll even give you a whopping £/€20 FREE when you spend £/€5!

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Embrace the pink! Treat it with respect not like this clown…



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