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Win a £/€100 Free Bet with our Masters trick shot competition

by Rob Dore | April 9, 2014

It’s the first Major of the year and we want to see your best golf trick shots. The trickier and/or the funnier your video is the better. In fact even if you swing like the Crankies (horrible to watch and not fit for purpose) don’t worry, focus on making something funny instead.

We’ve even recorded one of our own to provide you with inspiration. (I say ‘we’ but really I mean our underemployed social media team. Who, when not deeply offending people on Twitter, are dicking around with giant rabbit heads and golf clubs).


What we want:
Your best Crazy Golf shots filmed at the office or in your house or wherever. Just don’t get yourself hurt and/or arrested. Can you beat our effort?


  • Must be your own work, no nicking videos or Vines from elsewhere.
  • All entries must be submitted by midnight Sunday
  • Tweet your clip using #PPCrazyGolf to be submitted
  • One clip selected by our esteemed panel of judges

What’s In It For You?
A 100 pound/euro free bet, the Coveted Paddy power Green Jacket (pictured below) and a place in the #PPCrazyGolf hall of fame.


If you need some inspiration search #PPCrazyGolf on Twitter or have a look at last year’s winner @CaolanBarron:


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