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Get yourself a free fiver sports bet for simply playing a wee bit of poker

Play a bit of poker and get yourself a free sports bet

by Aidan Elder | April 23, 2014

How do you like getting free fiver bets, poker and some freaky pictures of wolves playing said poker?

YOU DO! THAT’S GREAT! Keep reading because this is basically like your version of Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Steak and Blowjob Day.

Because the Paddy Power Irish Open was on last weekend and most of the poker team have gone a bit mad from the sleep deprivation, they’re simply giving money away! No – don’t feel sorry for them (they were drinking free booze all weekend) just take the money and run.

If you opt in to this promotion and play a bit of poker at between now and midnight on Sunday April 27, they’re going to give you a free €/£5 bet that you use to bet on sports.

The best part is, there a NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Well, there are a few very faint strings attached, but nothing too unusual. You have to be an adult human (or at the very least a convincing animal who has amassed a selection of ID and costumes to do a passable impression of a human), but other than that, it’s all pretty simples.

‘How do I take advantage of this incredibly generous and not-at-all badly thought-out offer from people who have slept for about seven hours in the last fortnight?’ we’ll assume you’re asking right about now and that’s handy because here’s how get your hands on the offer:

Hey presto, in a maximum of 72 hours (or a lot sooner if we can stop our poker team from inventing cool poker nicknames for each other), you’ll be given a free fiver bet to be used on any of the wide range of sports betting opportunities on

That’s all the key information, but if you got the time, here’s a vaguely relevant story about the guy who won €200,000 at the Paddy Power Poker Irish Open last weekend.


He’s Patrick Clarke (he’s fine with us using his real name because now he’s got loads of money, it automatically makes him more sexually appealing) and he entered into a €4 online tournament to qualify online. And the he only went and won that, earning his entry to the Irish Open where he won the €200K first prize as well as the €50K pot for the ‘Sole Survivor ‘ tournament. Wow. If only we’d played more poker when we were younger instead of working diligently.

We’re well jel.

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