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Video: John Barnes breaks out his rapping skillz

by Rob Dore | April 24, 2014

If there’s one thing Jay-Z, Eminem and Dr Dre have thought us is that you don’t have to be under 30 to be a bad mofo. As long as you got them skillz. With a ‘z’ so you know it’s legit.

A very accommodating, 50 year-old, John Barnes raps on cue for some holiday makers in Dubai this week. Hitting us with his lyrical flow from that football classic World in Motion by New Order. Even if the Luddite with the phone didn’t have the common courtesy to turn the camera around so we could enjoy it in wide screen, it’s still pretty slick.

The former Liverpool and England man just upped his street-cred several notches with this performance. Do people still say street cred? It’s hard to keep up once you pass 30. I should learn how to rap.


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