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A €4 bet on Real Madrid to win 4-0 almost breaks Twitter and pockets one lucky lady €800

One cheeky punt and before you know it you're leaving Coppers at 4.30am...

by Josh Powell | April 30, 2014

Throw the form book out of the window and tear up that Racing Post. Who needs to spend hours upon hours furiously studying the latest football stats an trends when you could simply rock into a bookies and turn €4 into €800 in a matter of minutes while you wait for your train.

That’s exactly what Maynooth student Niamh did when she correctly called the Champions League semi-final second leg to finish 4-0 to Real Madrid. Bayern Munich couldn’t believe the hammering they took, and neither could Paddy Power’s bean counters when they saw Niamh’s ridiculous punt.

She celebrated in style with a dancing tribute to Daniel Sturridge and a night of tripping the lights fandango in Dublin’s classiest establishment, Coppers, while Pep Guardiola and Paddy licked their wounds.

‘I had a bit of time to kill before catching my train, and popped into Paddy Power with some mates’, Niamh told us this morning as she nursed her hangover. ‘They were all having a bet on the Champions League game between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid so I started looking through the coupon as well.’

‘I saw the odds of 200/1 by the 4-0 correct score. They were the biggest odds on the sheet and I thought how funny it would be if the most unlikeliest result was to win. I was contemplating putting spending €2, but my mate John said I’d regret it if I didn’t put more on so I went for €4. Even in the queue I thought about not bothering because it was a crazy bet, but another friend Dave told me to chase the dream.’

‘I placed it at the counter and even the man at the till looked at me like I was a lunatic!’

Madrid scored two goals within the first 20 minutes and when Ronaldo slotted home a third ten minutes before half-time, Niamh was sitting pretty on her bet slip. She had to wait until the final few minutes before CR7 bagged the fourth, but Ronaldo’s free-kick was enough to make Niamh more than €800 richer and ensure she had a great night on the tiles.

For anyone looking for a tip for tonight’s game, we have good word that Niamh’s banking on Atletico to beat Chelsea 3-2 at 55/1. Lightning is unlikely to strike twice, but if it does, we’ll see you on Harcourt Street!

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