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Taking the piss or crossing the line with Paddy Power’s Clean Urine Swap Stand…

It really was pissing over the weekend...

by Sean Goff | May 12, 2014

Let’s face it, cycling has a bad rep. Lance Armstrong. Bradley Wiggins’ sideburns. Tax breaks for getting in the way of traffic at rush hour.

It’s not been easy for the pedal-pushing elite of the cycle-to-work and reduce-your-carbon footprint brigade.

But being a solid citizen and with one eye constantly on the make, Paddy Power tried to use the Dublin stage of the Giro d’Italia to filter out the cheats with his own Clean Urine Swap Stand.


Calculating that the pros had their fill of sheep, stone fences and fields greener than Lance Armstrong’s ‘confession’ on Oprah Winfrey’s  couch – we thought we’d put a spoke in the wheels of the fun police. And race-day stewards.

Yet despite our good intentions we still managed to get some Lycra-clad knickers in a twist with a number of cycling fascists enthusiasts threatening to tear down our stand. You can never take a threat from men in tight pants too seriously – and despite being pissier than the piss itself, nothing was done when it came to crunch time.

Placed out of the watchful eye of Giro d’Italia race officials, the pros had the chance to whizz by and grab a helping hand for those tense moments after the finish line.


Paddy Power asked member of its own cycling club, the Paddy Power Dope Peddlers, to donate their own urine while draining the spuds, ensuring 100 per cent non-tainted urine samples.

Ken Robertson, Directeur Sportif of the Paddy Power Dope Peddlers said:

“We’re more widely known for taking the piss than we are for giving it away but desperate times call for desperate measures and we’re delighted to have played our part in cleaning up competitive cycling.”

Unfortunately all of the competitors decided to run the gauntlet of a drugs test with none taking us up on our offer of a free, clean sample of piss.

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