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Manchester United’s Top 5 Ball of Shame moments of the season

by Rob Dore | May 13, 2014

David Moyes’ sacking has impacted us here at the PP Blog in a number of ways. Those of us who don’t support United are sad to see him go before he could do some serious Graeme Souness like damage. Liverpool fans over the age of 30 will know what I mean.

However his departure does me mean we can take some playful digs at the club again. When the subject of ridicule is balled up in the corner crying, looking up at you with sad, helpless eyes it’s not so much fun anymore.

Thankfully with Moyes gone United are no longer a doomed club being steered through the rocks by a man drunk on a heady mix of fear and hubris.

So here are out top 5 Ball of Shame Moments from Manchester United’s season

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