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World Cup 2014 – A spoofer’s guide to… Ecuador

by Rob Dore | May 19, 2014

Fun Fact

In 2008 Ecuador passed a law to grant constitutional rights to nature in a bid to offer protection to the countries rich and diverse flora and fauna. Which is well and good but until there’s a tortoise president this is all just empty sentiment.

Wikipedia Fact

It’s called Ecuador because the equator runs right though it, which is just plain lazy. Like the fad of naming your kid after the city it was conceived in it’s disappointingly unimaginative. If they’re ever in the market for some rebranding they should contact Australia. Now those crazy bastards know how to make up names.

National Hero

Vicente Rocafuerte was an influential politician and president of Ecuador from 1835-1839. After being educated in Spain he returned to Ecuador in 1807 to help free the country first from Spain and then from Gran Colombia.

Football Pedigree

They may have qualified ahead of Uruguay but Darwin’s holiday hotspot doesn’t have a great record at international level. Although it has picked up in recent times as they’ve now qualified for three of the last four World Cups, including this summer’s tournament.

Acceptable National stereotype

They look after their environment and their indigenous people.

Unacceptable National Stereotype

They eat guinea pigs. Although this is actually true and therefore not technically a stereotype it’s still unacceptable.

Don’t Be Surprised If They

Make it out of their group. That’s about as much as they’ll be hoping for and possibly more than they can expect.

Odds to win World Cup 2014: 125/1

To bet on Ecuador, or not and just look at all the World Cup odds, Gangnam Style your way over here:

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