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EXCLUSIVE PIC: Rory McIlroy given a hard time in Sky Sports analysis

by Aidan Elder | May 24, 2014

Poor Rory McIlroy. When we were young 20 something year olds and we got cold feet about a relationship, we did all the normal things young men do to ease the girl away from us – faking your own death using spectacular car crash and staged funeral; changing your name to Baba Krishna Sharalangyanatu and moving to the foothills of the Himalayas living off whatever waste products emerged from the marmots ; claiming you’re actually gay and embarking on a 10 year career in the gay porn industry until it all blows over – you know, all the normal stuff.

When you’re a multi-millionaire sporting superstar, it’s not that easy and after announcing his split from Caroline Wozniacki earlier this week, he’s been under some intense scrutiny during his few days at the PGA Championship at Wentworth. But he’s handled it pretty well so far, going around for a combined five under par for this first two rounds, leaving him tied for fifth and five shots off the lead.

It wasn’t all easy however as Sky Sports gave him a real grilling during the analysis of his second round.


Harsh. But probably still better than having to talk to Colin Montgomerie.


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