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VIDEO: Bubba Watson + Disneyworld = amazing backwards putt

by Aidan Elder | May 24, 2014

After his brief success around 18 years ago, it looks like Happy Gilmore will never truly step to be one of the top players in golf.

Thankfully, we have Bubba Watson and that’s almost as good. To no-one’s surprise, the recent winner of the US Masters was at Disneyworld over the last few days and he was up to some hijinx. Sadly not ‘getting blind drunk and cracking on to Hooters waitresses wild child hijinx’, more the type of ‘I’m a devout Christian and this is as mental as I get’ hijinx.

Still though, it produced this amazing backwards putt on the crazy golf course. We especially like the taking the flag out bit. Well played. Bubba done good. Now go get drunk at Hooters.


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