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How Bobby Zamora’s goal landed some epic accums and gave Paddy Power a spanking

by Aidan Elder | May 25, 2014

It wasn’t just QPR who netted a tidy little sum thanks to Bobby Zamora’s last gasp winner in the Championship Playoff final. His dramatic crushing of Derby dreams was the headline news story, but it also landed a handful of spectacular long-running accums for a few lucky/inspired Paddy Power punters.

Placed back in July of last year, this punter somehow managed to put together a successful (and somewhat hipster-ish) 10 leg accum which took in lower divisions and went across Europe. It paid a tasty 815/1 and while some of the selections were more predictable than a UKIP councilor’s views on ethnic minorities (Bayern to win the Bundesliga and PSG to win Ligue 1), there were some shrewd choices elsewhere to buff up the odds. If you feel like getting jealous, the selections were:

  • 6/4 – Everton (Premier League betting without the Top 6)
  • 13/8 – QPR to be promoted from the Championship
  • 5/4 – Wolves to be promoted from League One
  • 4/7 – Fleetwood (Top 7 Finish – League Two)
  • 6/4 – Dundee to win the Scottish Championship
  • 6/4 – Peterhead to win Scottish League Two
  • 1/5 – Bayern Munich to win the Bundesliga
  • 4/11 – PSG to win Ligue 1
  • 10/11 – Anderlecht to win the Belgian Pro League
  • 4/5 – Juventus to win Serie A

Then there was a rather impressive 12 leg accum placed last September. This one was based mainly on football bets similar to the above, but with some golf and cricket thrown in there for good measure too. That’s just showboating. It was just like our own Nostradamus of sport – only a Nostradamus who can actually predict the future rather than just making vague predictions and hoping weirdos join the dots to suit their interpretations many centuries later. Anyhoo, it came to a 633/1 winner, landing our punter a nice five figure sum that didn’t even need to include the numbers after the decimal point.

Another customer landed a whopping win of over £60,000 for an eight leg accum. Yeah it was a chunkier bet than some of the others, but still – having 60 grand in your account for an accum that’s relying on Newcastle not to completely let you down? Well played anonymous man or woman of the Paddy Power betting community.

Well done one and all. Today, you are being inducted into the prestigious Paddy Power Punting Hall of Fame. You might want to buy Bobby Zamora a pint if you ever bump into him.



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