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World Cup 2014 – A spoofer’s guide to … Costa Rica

by Sean Goff | May 29, 2014

Fun Fact…

For a supposed tropical paradise, topless sunbathing is not culturally acceptable which may go some way to explaining why tourists tend to stay at compounds patrolled by armed guards, rather than risk offending the locals.

Wikipedia Fact…

Costa Ricans have one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world (77), surprising considering most fast-food chains do home deliveries.

It’s also customary for Costa Ricans to bury their dead on the day they die – removing the need for prying medical records and answering those awkward ‘how much fast food did they eat at home’ questions.

National Hero…

Juan Santamaria – the courageous “drummer boy” (he was actually 25) who died defending his country from American ‘filibuster’ William Walker.

There is some doubt as to whether Santamaria knew what he was being asked to do when General Mora called for volunteers to burn down Walker’s hideout and he was tragically killed in the cross-fire on April 11, 1856.

A national holiday ‘Juan Santamaria Day’ is celebrated every year on this date and the country’s international airport is also named after him.

World Cup pedigree…

Los Ticos made their World Cup debut at Italia 90 where they recorded what was then seen as a a “famous” win over Scotland but is now just par for the course. It took another 12 years before they rubbed shoulders with the world’s elite again exited at the group stage in 2002 and again in 2006.

Odds on to be the whipping boys of Group D with England, Uruguay and Italy, but were runners-up in the qualifiers conceding the least amount of goals (7). All five of their wins did come at home though.

Acceptable National Stereotype…

Friendly, life-loving, laid-back funsters

Unacceptable National Stereotype…

Breast hating street hawkers

Don’t be surprised if they…

Fail to win a game.

Odds to win World Cup 2014…


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