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Attention punters from Norwich! You’re the most patriotic, while you should probably hang the Geordies for treason

We dip into Paddy Power's World Cup book to find out why Newcastle punters don't mind ditching the Three Lions for some berets and cheese...

by Josh Powell | June 3, 2014

The England squad are in Brazil and optimism is growing after a comprehensive 3-0 win in a warm-up match against Peru. OK, so Peru might not be world beaters and have won just one away game in the last 18 months, but that hasn’t stopped every newspaper, beer company and chocolate manufacturer making adverts that depicts World Cup glory for the Three Lions.

Punters however, don’t buy into the hype.

We’ve dipped into Paddy Power’s World Cup outright book to find out where punters are putting their hard-earned cash and, despite Roy Hodgson’s men being 28/1, there aren’t many pennies going on to England. In fact just seven per cent of UK punters dough is on England to lift the World Cup, with more than a quarter of the cash heading to the tournament favourites, and the hosts, Brazil. Unsurprisingly the Three Lions are hardly getting any support on this side of the pond either, with just two per cent of Irish punters choosing to back their near rivals to win in Rio.

There is likely to be carnivals in Cork and Carlow if the Brazilians come out on top however, because, like in the UK, almost 26 per cent of Irish cash is on Neymar and co doing the business this year.


A national feud is a lot like having a younger half-brother that you really don’t like. The hatred is always there bubbling away on the inside relatively unnoticed, until it explodes to the fore every couple of years when you have to meet up for some painstaking family event you cannot possibly avoid. Cue many offensive jibes, cheap digs and the occasional lobbing of some plastic furniture. That might explain why just seven per cent of UK cash is on the Germans, despite them being well-fancied at 11/2. The Irish are basically best buds with the sunbed-hoggers in comparison, with double the amount of cash riding on a German victory in Rio.

Traitorous Geordies and patriotic punters from Norwich

Newcastle are the most treachorous city we found when we delved into the book. Despite being the home of England legend Alan Shearer, Geordies are the least likely to be backing the Three Lions over in Brazil and would much prefer to see Iker Casillas lift the trophy.

  • Just two per cent of Newcastle punters cash is on the Three Lions
  • Exactly half of their dough is instead heading onto reigning champions Spain
  • To make matters even worse, six per cent of their cash is on the French – that’s three times more than the amount staked on England, and more than any other UK city in our search. Hull punters will be happy to hear that not one penny of their cash has gone near the cheese-eating surrender monkeys


Take a bow Norwich, because you are the most patriotic city. That might come back to haunt you if England perform their tried-and-tested routine of stumbling through a quarter-final before being emphatically eliminated on penalties, but for now you are easily the most loyal. A quarter of cash in Norwich is riding on England proving that you don’t have to buy anything that resembles a KKK outfit from Asda to support your country.

‘But who are the most heavily backed teams in some of the England’s biggest cities’, we hear you probably cry.

  • Brazil are the most popular country to back in Birmingham, Bristol, London and Sheffield
  • While in Coventry, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Norwich, it is Argentina who get the nod
  • And they’ll be dancing in the streets of Brighton and Newcastle if the Spanish can retain their title
  • Incidently Brummies are most likely to back the Germans with 13 per cent of their cash going the way of the arch enemy. Boo and indeed hiss

Whether you’re feeling patriotic or not, all the odds for the World Cup are here: Desktop | Mobile

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