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Paul Scholes vs Twitter: The best of his responses to your tweets

by Paul Mallon | June 5, 2014

Paul Scholes signed to Paddy Power as our columnist for the World Cup. As part of the gig he agreed, incredibly, to do a Twitter Q&A.

Now everyone knows these things can get messy and Manchester United legend Scholes had little time for Twitter in the first place.

But after filming this week at Salford we were confident of striking internet gold. So, here’s five of the best from #AskScholes which @paddypower rolled out on Thursday.

1. The one where he’s asked which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle he’d be…

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 5, 2014

Gary Neville kisses Paul Scholes

2. The awkward question on who’s a better kisser: Gary Neville or his wife…

3. @IndyKaila asks about his favourite KFC meal…

4. Paul Scholes’ response to Piers Morgan asking if he’d ever ‘perfectly timed a tackle’…

5. His favourite biscuit…

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