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Paddy Power's Niall McLaughlin tells us how you can experience sports betting like never before with our revamped Facebook app

by Josh Powell | June 9, 2014

Let’s face it. We’ve all thought about changing our name at some point; something snappy, something original, something that describes just how awesome we are.

Well that’s exactly what we’ve done; Paddy Power In-Play is now Paddy Power Social. Kind of like that time Homer Simpson changed his name to Max Power, minus the scarf.

‘Pffft! anyone can do that Paddy!’ we hear you say, and you’re right.  That’s why we turbocharged the shiznit out of the last version and released a shiny new version just in time for the World Cup!

We sat down with our finest tech-boffins, asked them to work their magic and see what they could do. It took quite a few Big Bang Theory box-sets and the promise of some ‘actual’ female eye-contact, but eventually we managed to lure them away from World of Warcraft long enough to sort it. And boy did they deliver.


There are so many great features with our new App that going through them all would take longer than a Wayne Rooney performance of Hamlet, so let’s just cut to the chase:

  • Brand New User Interface
    Looks slicker than the oil spill on Marouane Chamakh’s head.
  • Improved Terrace Talk
    Now specific to leagues and not individual matches, so you can keep chatting even after the game has finished.
  • Activity Feed
    Front and centre. Copying, commenting and laughing at your mates’ bets is easier than a foot race with Per Mertesacker.
  • Filters
    You control which bets get displayed in the activity feed (mates, top punters etc.)
  • Live Commentary & Stats
    Lightning fast updates for all the big games so you can be even more ruthless in the banter with your mates on Terrace Talk

But that’s not all. We’ve completely redesigned our navigation too, meaning you can now browse to your favourite markets quicker than John Terry can leave a teammate’s house.

To borrow the title from Westlife’s unforgettable 2004 album that we never ever listen to, allow us to be frank – as soon as you’ve got your daily dose of Blog goodness, we’d like you to head for one place and one place only: your favourite social network. No, not, we’ll leave you to enjoy that one in your own time.

So go on, you’ve got nothing to lose, give it a try and have some fun with it. If you like it (and we have a sneaky suspicion you will), feel free to send us on a token of your appreciation. A few cans of Vitamin H would do nicely. If it’s not up to the high standards we think you deserve, let us know what needs to change and we’ll get right on it. As soon as we’ve finished all the cans, obviously.

*Please note that Paddy Power Social is currently only available on Desktop in the U.K.*

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