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Beerly Legal: Play Day 2 of our World Cup Drinking Game

by Aidan Elder | June 13, 2014

Of course we at Paddy Power don’t condone excessive consumption of alcohol (unless of course it’s on the boss’s company credit card in which case it’s fine) but the reality is that over the course of the next few weeks, you’re not going to care much about a decent chunk of the World Cup group games – not looking at any Iran v Nigeria in particular.

That’s where our World Cup Drinking Game can come into play. As the football hipsters in your company waffle on about how Switzerland’s hoofing the ball into the stands is actually quite admirable tactically, you can just keep yourself entertained with the amusing forfeits we’ve compiled.

It’s time for Day 2’s game which provides a veritable feast of football in comparison to the opening day’s single game and terrible singing.

The rules – and we use the word ‘rules’ advisedly because you can sack it off or just ignore it whenever suits you – are simple; every time on of the events mentioned one the drinking game actually happen, you knock back the amount of alcohol prescribed on the image. It’s designed for beer, but if you’re feeling dangerous, you could try it with a spot of vodka or Toilet Duck.



And whatever you do, do it responsibly. Or failing that, don’t do it responsibility and upload it to YouTube and send us the link so we can all enjoy your ridiculous behaviour.

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