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The voice control on our World Cup football app made the Hoff sick with jealousy

by Rob Dore | June 17, 2014

Did you ever wonder how Kit was able to talk in Knight Rider? Do you even remember Knight Rider? If not, go look it up and then continue reading.

Anyway it was the 80s so they didn’t use some kind of high-tech, artificially intelligent computer to make the car talk and it wasn’t done in post-production. Instead a little person named Gregory Plankton was concealed behind the dashboard where he replied to David Hasselohoff, fired the gadgets and operated the flashing red lights. Knight Rider was cancelled not because of low ratings or excessive chest hair but because they forgot about Gregory after filming one day and he died from a sudden case of hyper-claustrophobia.


What has this got to do with Paddy Power’s football app which is for the World Cup but isn’t allowed to contain the words ‘world’ and ‘cup’ in the title? (FIFA, the not-for-profit organisation, will sue us for large sums of money if we do). Thanks to our most recent updates now, much like Kit, you can talk to our app and it will respond to your needs. Unlike Kit it just does what you ask, no smart-arse observations or moral judgement. We also don’t have to risk the life a little person to make it work. Instead the boffins used wires and the matrix and other stuff we don’t understand.

The important thing is that you can use your face hole to do all the work, freeing up your thumbs for things like offering encouragement to small children and other such important opposable digit work. You can search for all the latest prices and World Cup stats, even set up your next bet, all with the power of your voice. Simply open the app and swipe down to talk to Paddy.

On top of the voice control our app brings you:

  • Live stats
  • Group tables
  • The latest World Cup news from this very award winning blog
  • Exclusive loyalty offers
  • Cash out

Now that’s got to be worth shouting about.

Find out more about what he app has to offer here and DOWNLOAD IT HERE.



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