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VIDEO: Thomas Muller nails an innocent by-stander with comically woeful shot

by Aidan Elder | June 21, 2014

Thomas Muller – he’s the man, isn’t he?

Boy-ish good lucks; a hat-trick in his opening game; at 24 years old, he’s well on course to be the top World Cup goalscorer of all time – he can pretty much do no wrong.

Except that he can do wrong. And when it does wrong, it goes amusingly wrong. Like in this clip taken from Germany training the other day. He’s there, going through a routine that doesn’t seem to bear any major resemblance to situation he’s likely to encounter when the Germans take on Ghana later today and when he tries to stick the ball into the tiny goal, it goes badly awry. Badly and hilariously.

Yes we feel sorry for the poor lad who gets smacked in the head, but we also enjoyed it. And so should you.


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