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Beerly Legal – Download and play day 12 of our World Cup Drinking Game

by Aidan Elder | June 23, 2014

It’s business time. And by ‘business time’ we mean ‘drinking time because England are heading home’. Monday starts a whirlwind four days in which the final round of group games are played and we confirm who’ll go on to the Round of 16 and who’ll be going to some luxury Caribbean resort to lick their wounds. There’s a lot to play for. Providing you completely ignore the Spain v Australia match and aren’t Cameroonian. Croatia, Mexico and Brazil can all still get out of Group A while in Group B, the big question is who will claim top spot and the likely carrot of avoiding Brazil in the last 16. That’s all very interesting of course, but why not enjoy it all with the cherry on top that is our Drinking Game? Oh – you can’t think of a reason? Well then you should definitely play it. The rules – and we use the word ‘rules’ advisedly because you can sack it off or just ignore it whenever suits you – are simple; every time on of the events mentioned one the drinking game actually happen, you knock back the amount of alcohol prescribed on the image. It’s designed for beer, but if you’re feeling dangerous, you could try it with a spot of vodka or Toilet Duck.



And whatever you do, do it responsibly. Or failing that, don’t do it responsibility and upload it to YouTube and send us the link so we can all enjoy your ridiculous behaviour.

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