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REVEALED: The pictures that prove ‘Fred’ is actually a competition winner

by Paddy Power | June 24, 2014

By day he’s plain-old Bruno Barboza, a sales manager from Recife whose skills include managing phone enquires and a client database.

By night he’s known as ‘Fred’, whose skillset appears even more limited. He has, nonetheless, managed to score one goal in a World Cup and convince some he is a Brazilian striker.

The Paddy Power Blog today reveals that Bruno (42) is a competition winner who scooped his spot in the Brazil starting XI for the World Cup after collecting a record-breaking 1,000 bottle caps in a nationwide competition run by a well-known soft drinks company.

Bruno was taking home just $678.90 a month before his life was transformed. He beat more than 500,000 entrants to the competition’s top prize, details of which have mysteriously disappeared from the rest of the internet.

The Paddy Power Blog called some, ahem, contacts in South America who provided us with these pictures.

Fake fred

The first, above, shows eager Bruno partying with countrymen at the 2010 World Cup.

A pal said: “Bruno, or Fred as you know him, never knew where the line was.”

Fred Autograph

Another snap shows smiling Fred getting his work jotter signed by Brazil’s star Neymar at a work event. A colleague added: “That went straight up on Bruno’s desk in a frame.”

The Paddy Power Blog attempted to call Bruno/Fred earlier this week to put our allegations to him. We got a firm ‘sem comentários’. He then appeared as ‘Fred’ in the Brazil team on Monday night to face Cameroon, but had grown a moustache to try to protect his identity.

Real or fake, we’re blaming this entire post, and the free time used to create it, on Roy Hodgson.


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