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Who is more deadly: Luis Suarez or a shark?

We sink our teeth into the stats to bring you an important safety announcement...

by Josh Powell | June 25, 2014

Luis Suarez took a third bite of the cherry on Tuesday, as the striker sunk his teeth into Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. The incident comes just over a year after Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic was on the receiving end of the Uruguay striker’s gnashers, and PSV’s Otman Bakkal got the same treatment when Suarez was at Ajax in November 2010.

That’s three incidents of biting in the last three-and-a-half years for Suarez, who has shown his appetite for the game is just a little too much. The Paddy Power Blog can now bring you the answer to the question on everybody’s lips: Am I more likely to get bitten by a shark or Suarez?


[A hat-tip to design wizard Leo Kellenberger for the awesome work above]

Swimming with the sharks

Yes, footballers beware. You’re 38 times more likely to be bitten by Suarez on the football pitch than a shark in Australia. So pack up your bags and move down under, it’s far safer than sharing the Anfield turf with Liverpool’s star striker.

We dug deep into the Australia National Shark Attack File and totted up how many times people swimming in the sea around the country were attacked by sharks. Since November 2010 that number came to 66, while in the same period Suarez wrapped his chops around three footballers.

In that time period 3.8 million people took a dip in the Australian ocean, meaning that there is a 57,575/1 chance of running into a Jaws-type scenario.

Chewy Luis

During the same period, Suarez had to deal with approximately 30 people (11 opposition players, three opposition subs, 10 teammates, three teammate subs, and three officials) in each of his 151 appearances for club and country. This means that just 4,530 people were on a football pitch with Suarez since November 2010 and thus, there is just a 1,510/1 chance of getting a bite.

So if you’re a top European footballer and you value your limbs then the safest option is to move down under. The A-League might not be of the Premier League standard but it’s a sacrifice you need to make to avoid a nibble from chewy Luis.

Meanwhile, Paddy Power have started taking bets on a number of Luis Suarez specials following yesterday’s incident with the bookmaker making it 4/1 for his ban to be between 1-3 games and 33/1 for long term foe Patrice Evra to be the next person he bites.

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