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Paddy Power comes up with a handy solution to deal with Luis Suarez

We've sorted out the troubled striker once and for all with a cheeky billboard

by Josh Powell | June 26, 2014

Is he hungry, angry or just plain stupid? Luis Suarez has once again taken it a bite too far munching on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Now once might be considered an accident. Twice sloppy. Three times – there’s no excuse and for that, and Paddy has taken matters into his own hands sorting out the troubled Uruguay striker once and for all in the form of a giant billboard on the Lambeth road in London. Here at the Paddy Power Blog we crunched the numbers yesterday and found that you’re 38 times more likely to get bitten by Suarez on a football pitch than attacked by a shark in Australia. That’s a worrying statistic for Premier League footballers, but the marketing guys in Power Tower think this nifty Photoshop job should put their fears at ease.

Ladies, gentleman and Mr. Chiellini we present Suarez 2.0 – senza gnashers.

Paddy Power himself said: “I always fancied myself as a bit of a back-street dentist and I think you’ll agree, the results are quite pleasing…”

It is true Paddy, anybody with their teeth Photoshoped out looks positively hilarious.



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