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Beerly Legal: Download and play day 18 of our World Cup Drinking Game

Football! Drinking! Together! What could be better?

by Sean Goff | June 29, 2014

There’s something about the Greece v Costa Rica game tonight (Recife, 9pm) that suggests the entertainment factor may be improved by a shot of Vodka, or several. Ignorance or prejudice? Call it what you want – we’ll be having a few.

Before that in Fortaleza (5pm) it’s the Netherlands against Mexico. On paper this suggests two attacking teams going at it and Arjen Robben will be loading the bullets again for Robin van Persie who’s back after that convenient pesky suspension.

Why not enjoy it all with the aid of our World Cup Drinking Game? See, you can’t think of a reason. And alcohol fulls creativity, so it’s basically a way of improving yourself.


World Cup drinking game day 18

The rules – and we use the word ‘rules’ advisedly because you can sack it off or just ignore it whenever suits you – are simple; every time one of the events mentioned in the drinking game actually happens, you knock back the amount of alcohol prescribed on the image. It’s designed for beer, but if you’re feeling dangerous, you could try it with a spot of vodka, or Toilet Duck (joking, mum. Sheesh.).

Whatever you do, do it responsibly. Or failing that, upload it to YouTube and send us the link so we can all enjoy your ridiculous behaviour.

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