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James Rodriguez at 18: Manchester United fans look away now

by Andy Mullins | July 1, 2014

The advent of the Champions League has meant it can be difficult to argue that the World Cup is still the place for a player to announce himself as a genuine star.

It’s made even trickier when the young lad in question has already been transferred for £38.5million.

However, five goals in four appearances in Brazil (including two dazzling finishes against Japan and Uruguay) have seen Colombian playmaker, James Rodriguez (22) become a household name across the world.

The Monaco number 10 is now 3/1 to be awarded the Golden Ball for Player of the Tournament. He is also 4/1 to go on a win the award for Top Goalscorer.

Poor old Manchester United are getting a hard time for apparently opting to sign Bebe instead of the baby-faced magician at the age of 18. But come on, how were they supposed to know?

Well if the video below, showing an 18-year-old Rodriguez, is anything to go by, they really bloody should have.

Oh, and this is him when he was 13.

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