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A nation divided: Find out which UK cities are backing France or Germany in Friday’s World Cup quarter final

Ok, so England didn't reach the quarter finals of the World Cup. But is that really any excuse for backing the Germans ... or the French?

by Sean Goff | July 3, 2014

Roy Hodgson’s side was home before the postcards but insult has been added to injury at the prospect of England backers having to pick between France or Germany to reach the semi finals in Brazil.

The choice between arrogant deckchair hoggers or cheese-eating surrender monkeys may be too much for some to make – but there’s been plenty of action on the game throughout Britain and Ireland as kick-off approaches.

Here, using some fancy IT reporting, the Paddy Power Blog can reveal which cities are back who…

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London: Can’t split the two …

Confirming its reputation as a hipster European capital, the Londoners’ tolerance rating scores highly with most punters evenly split on the game. Almost 34 per cent are putting historical rivalries aside and are punting the Germans with 31 per cent opting to suffer the wrath of friends, family and fellow boozers to cheer on the French.

However, 35 per cent are ducking the decision and have backed the draw. A wise choice – or maybe just cowardice.

Going native with Germany and France …

It’s a different story north of the Watford gap though with Preston, Grimsby and Inverness planning an early Oktoberfest at the Frog and Toad by nailing their colours to the German mast.

More than two thirds of the bets placed in these three spots are siding with the three-time World Cup winners getting through to the last four.

But if you are thinking of pulling on a German jersey on Friday night make sure it’s not in Wigan, Cheltenham or Reading. They’ve gone native on France reaching the last four with the highest number of wins bets placed (up to 77 per cent) on Didier Deschamps’s side.


Benzema Wrex my head …

One place where the sight of locals chomping on baguettes and cheese will not be welcome though – is the Welsh town of Wrexham.

Not one of its 42,576 citizens have placed a bet on the French winning the game with more than 62 per cent opting for Joachim Loew’s side. This may have something to do with the town being twinned with Markischer Kreis – or maybe they just hate the smell of onions and garlic.

Either way, Karim Benzema is unlikely to be taking his summer holidays in North Wales after the World Cup is over.

Neutral venue …

But if you’re a neutral it’s best to avoid the Wiltshire town of Melksham (we had to look it up too). A staggering 0 per cent of bets have been placed on the draw here so if you’re out – pick a team and stick with them.

Otherwise you’re just going to piss everyone off by turning up in a Swindon jersey. Or a hipster cardigan.

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