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Beerly Legal: Download and play day 27 of our World Cup Drinking Game

by Aidan Elder | July 8, 2014

A World Cup semi-final. Wow! Oh the nerves!! Well, not for us because Ireland didn’t get within an ass’s roar of Brazil and England didn’t seem to want to hang out there too long, but for the nations involved and anyone who backed or got any of the remaining teams in a sweepstake – they’re probably pretty nervous.

First up, we’ve got the hosts Brazil as they take on Germany. The Brazilian public were pretty angry with the thumping challenge that resulted in Neymar picking up the injury that has seriously damaged their chances of winning the tournament. That outrage somewhat ignores the fact they kicked Colombia around for most of Friday’s quarter-final, but hey – it’s football – double standards are as fair game as breaking a spinal vertebra of your talented opponent.

Despite not really impressing since they thumped Portugal in their opening game, perennial semi-finalists, Germany lived up to that moniker by edging past France in a match that was way less enjoyable and exciting than we had been hoping.

It should be a cracker. Well, it should be, but we said the same about all the quarter-finals and it didn’t work out. It could also be a bit crap, in which case some sort of drinking game will help with the entertainment factor. That’s lucky, because there’s one a few pixels below these words.

The rules – and we use the word ‘rules’ advisedly because you can sack it off or just ignore it whenever suits you – are simple; every time one of the events mentioned in the drinking game actually happens, you knock back the amount of alcohol prescribed on the image. It’s designed for beer, but if you’re feeling dangerous, you could try it with a spot of vodka, or WKD if you don’t like having healthy teeth.

Whatever you do, do it responsibly. Or failing that, upload it to YouTube and send us the link so we can all enjoy your ridiculous behaviour.



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