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Video: Pepe forces Keita to throw a water bottle at him during friendly by being Pepe

by Rob Dore | August 1, 2014

Let’s call this a pre-season game rather than a friendly. The latter moniker is impossible to apply to anything which involves Real Madrid’s Pepe.

Back in 2011 Seydou Keita, then playing for Barcelona, accused Pepe of calling him a “monkey” during a Supercopa Clasico and the pair have shared more than a few spicy moments since.

Keita, now with Roma, has neither forgiven nor forgotten and refused to shake Pepe’s hand ahead of their group game in the Guinness International Champions Cup in Dallas. Pepe is then alleged to have spat at Keita (not caught on camera but safe to assume it did happen) and Keita then throws a water bottle at the smirking Pepe.

We can’t be sure exactly what kicked this latest spat off but it’s probably safe enough to lay the entirety of the blame at Pepe’s feet. Although it’s rarely safe to get anywhere near that lunatic’s feet.

On a side not it must have been weird for Ashley Cole not being the most hated man on the pitch.

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