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GIF: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brawl on stage, Cormier falls off said stage

by Rob Dore | August 5, 2014

The beef between the UFC light-heavyweight champion and his next challenger goes back to their very first meeting. Jon Jones introduced himself to former Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier by insulting his wrestling. DC hasn’t let it go and when the Alexander Gustafsson has to pull out of his scheduled rematch with Jones, Cormier was only happy to step in.

The two squared off on stage at the MGM Grand as part of a press event promoting UFC 178 in Las Vegas this September 27th, where they are the headline act. Jones did the old lean in with the forehead trick in an attempt to intimidate his shorter and older opponents. Cormier is 35 and 5’11 compared to Jones who is 27 and 6’4.

It didn’t work and Cormier reacted by grabbing Jones’s throat. A mini-brawl ensued during which Dana White’s mini-me was sent flying, the backdrop was pulled down, Jon Jones threw a few punches and Daniel cormier was dragged off the stage. The whole thing was over in a matter of seconds but it adds a little extra spice to their fight and no one got seriously hurt. This may be the only way they could upstage Conor McGregor who fight Dustin Poirier on the same card.



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