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The Awesomeness of Cash Out is accumulating…because it now applies to accumulators

by Rob Dore | August 14, 2014

Let’s set the scene. It’s midweek, you’ve spent the best part of your working day pouring over the sea of Carling Cup, MLS, Europa League and the hundreds of other football games being played around the World. After five solid hours of calculating, guestimating and avoiding being caught by your boss you come up with an unbeatable, fortune-making 20 team accumulator. Guaranteed winner!

Later that evening, as the results start to roll in it dawns on you that your behemoth of an accumulator actually has a goddamn chance. The first twelve are all winners, only eight more to go. You’ve already started pricing up yachts. ‘Accumulated Interest’, that’s a clever name for a boat right?

Then you read online that a stomach virus has swept through the Nacional Asuncion squad, probably some undercooked pira caldo. With a team full of kids that 1/3 banker is now looking dodgier than a self-appointed FIFA ethics committee. Scuttle the boat, recall your resignation email and settle in for an evening of what might have been. Unless….hold on…doesn’t Paddy Power offer Cash Out?

That’s right, Paddy Power now offers Cash Out on multiple bets across all sports. So while your bet is still live you can go to the all new cash out section and there it is, your Cash Out offer.

Here’s how to get there. You can see your cash out options by navigating through My Account.

There will also be a permanent Cash Out link in the Quick Links section on the left hand side of the website.

Now it’s Deal or No Deal time. Do you accept the Cash Out offer so your hard work doesn’t go unrewarded or do you let it ride and hope those strong-stomached youngsters and seven other teams come good? We can’t make that decision for you, we can only give you the choice. On your Cash Out page you’ll see all your single and multiple bets which qualify and how much you’ll get for Cashing Out early.


This feature is being added to more and more of your favourite betting markets on a weekly basis. If you’re unsure whether Cash Out is currently offered on a particular market, look for the below logo beside the market in question.


To make you dilemma that much tougher we also offer a bonus on football accumulators where you can earn up to 20% extra on your winnings. Check out our football acca offer here.


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