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VINE: Angry fan amusingly blames his match programme for West Ham being so crap

by Aidan Elder | August 17, 2014

It was another frustrating day for West Ham fans. They huffed and puffed, but couldn’t blow down the Tottenham defence. To make matters worse, they even coughed up a winner that Spurs scarcely deserved. Smug Spurs fans – not likes to see that.

One Hammers fan couldn’t hide his rage with amusing results. Just as Eric Dier scored the Tottenham goal, he stands up behind Big Sam and slams his match programme into the wall. ‘DAMN YOU MATCH PROGRAMME! YOU’RE THE REASON FOR MY PERSONAL ANGUISH!!’

We’re especially fond of the way he quickly has a rethink along the lines of ‘actually, I’ll hang on to that, I might want to read it later.’

West Ham was definitely the place to be for amusing Vines yesterday, that’s largely to this pitch invading genius who took a Spurs free-kick for them.

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