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GIF: Thiago Motta gets nutted in the tunnel after PSG win

by Rob Dore | August 18, 2014

Some people are just sore losers. And thanks to those sore losers some winners end up a little sore too. After PSG picked up their first Ligue 1 win of the season captain Thiago Motta found Bastia striker and fellow Brazilian Brandao waiting for him in the tunnel. Without saying a word Brandao headbutted Motta and immediately ran to the safety of his dressing room.

Whilst I do love me a bit of violence this is not the kind of square fight we like here on the Paddy Power Blog. A sneak attack followed by a cowardly retreat is not the accepted modus operandi of a tough guy.

Shame on you Brandao, you lily-livered swine but that being said thank you for the GIFable incident all the same.



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