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Find out the three ways Paddy Power is changing football for your benefit this season

Yes, we're blowing our own trumpets, but it's for a good reason. These new features are actually pretty cool

by Josh Powell | August 28, 2014

There is no stopping great things becoming even greater. Look what happens when you slap a few rashers onto a cheeseburger. Or you put Megan Fox into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film? It is very possible to make already brilliant things even better, and now Paddy Power is doing exactly the same with the football season.

1. 20% bonus on winning five-fold+ accumulators

Clicking a weekend acca is great in itself, and now it’s even greater thanks to Paddy. Last year the bean counters for running for cover as the boss introduced this bonus, and despite the shareholders waking up in a cold sweat each night, Paddy Power is running it again.

Across all top UK football matches you can benefit from a 20 per cent bonus on all your big accas, giving your bank balance a little boost on top of your winnings. Since the promotion was first introduced at the start of February this year it’s cost Paddy a pretty penny and benefited thousands of customers. The propaganda-police say we’re not allowed to mention the amount it has cost us, but let’s just say there’s been times where the boss has been curled up in the corner of his office listening to Dido. It’s an uncomfortable sight.

2. Cash Out on football accumulators


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Paddy Power now offers Cash Out on multiple bets across all sports, meaning when squeaky bum-time arrives on a Saturday around the 70th minute mark and five of your six teams are winning, you can bail out and take a profit without putting your blood pressure through the roof as Gateshead fail to break down Leyton Orient at home. Damn you Jamie Chandler.

Accepting the Cash Out means that you can snatch some profit and your hard work of picking your teams doesn’t go unrewarded when they lose. Letting it run and you put yourself through the torture of the final 10 minutes of Soccer Saturday for even bigger gains. Every off-camera squeal from Paul Merson makes your heart skip a beat. It’s thrilling.

We’ve already seen some good and not-so-good Cash Out stories from the last few weeks over here. One punter bailed out for more than £2k before Everton’s eight minute collapse against Arsenal, and another punter turned £5 into just under £1k in 24 minutes of genius punting.

3. Pick Your Own Money-Back Special

Paddy prides himself on his immaculate hair and pristine smile, but he’s also pretty happy with being home of the Money-Back Special for a number of years. That has just got even bigger with PYOMBS which we’re fairly certain will replace LOL as everyones favourite acronym.

Now you have the power to pick your Money-Back Special, giving you an extra chance to take some cash off Paddy and giving you some added entertainment – after all it is essentially another bet on the same event. If you’ve backed Wayne Rooney to open the scoring against Burnley, but also selected Money-Back if Angel Di Maria scores at anytime then you have double the interest in United’s game. Unfortunately that won’t help if Burnley go all ‘MK Dons’ on Louis Van Gaal’s ass but you get the idea. Even if Robin van Persie opens the scoring, a late goal from Di Maria will click your specially chosen MBS and the cash is back in your e-wallet. Well played good sir.

So there you have it. Football is great. And Paddy Power have made it greater.

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