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PYOMBS! It’s like a bad Village People covers band has taken over our marketing department

More shameless propaganda from the world's most shameless propagandists? No - this is something you guys asked for...

by Paul Mallon | August 28, 2014

A key part of Paddy Power’s strategy is inserting witty jokes in place of solid financial thinking. If you’ve had a peep at our latest figures you’ll know it.

This brings us nicely to PYOMBS, aka Pick Your Own Money Back Special. Yes, this hasty acronym is the best our marketing department could come up with after doing their brains at the World Cup.

All bullshit aside, this is punter gold.

In a nutshell…

Paddy Power has been the home of the Money-Back Special for years. Some of the below figures reveal why our profits are down for the first half of 2014. Really, you’d think some of the bean-counters on the first floor would be sense-checking this stuff. Sigh.

  • As of August 27, 2014, we have paid out more already than in the full year of 2013. That’s 600,000 bets across 168 Money-Back Special offers.
  • We’ve had 157 ‘free bet’ offers too and that makes more than one million bets refunded to your e-pockets in total.
  • Paddy Power has paid out £3m in accumulator bonuses (our Acca Bonus offer) and spunked £2.4m back to customers on Money Back Specials if 2nd or 3rd in horse racing before June.

Other bookies, notoriously devoid of their own ideas, jumped on the Money-Back Special bandwagon. But you expect more from Paddy Power. And you get it.

So this year we decided to give the Money-Back Special a little Laurence Llewelyn Bowen makeover – minus the ridiculous hair and garish attire. Now, to quote Paddy McGuinness, the power is in your hands. But rather than humiliating yourself on TV just to take a lousy date on a jet ski, we’re giving you the chance to get your money back on losing bets by picking your own special on on mobile and desktop.

You have the power…

  • A lot like 1990s German Eurodance group Snap and the history-making 16-time champion of the world Phil Taylor, you have the power. Simply put, you can now pick whichever Money-Back Special you like from a list of options.

Watch this Vine video on how Pick Your Own Money Back Special feature on’s desktop website…

Bash the bookies…

Seeing Paddy take a battering isn’t great for us. He stomps around the office like an angry bear who has just taken a swift kick to the plums – but it very good for the punters who profit from emptying the boss’ pockets. This is another chance you the punters to get one over on Paddy as the Money-Back Special acts almost as a bet in itself. Your bet might be a loser, but the MBS you picked came good meaning you’ve got your money back at least and made sure Mr Power isn’t lumbering around Dublin spending your cash on jagerbombs and kebabs.

Added entertainment…

  • Essentially you have another bet in the same event. So, take Manchester United v Burnley this weekend. If you back Wayne Rooney to score first but the Clarets go all MK Dons on LVG and take the lead, then you can still cheer on Angel di Maria to hope some cash goes back in your e-wallet. From 127+ markets, there’s many possibilities, but you get the idea.

You pretty much told us…

  • Yeah, this nifty little bullet point isn’t exactly rocket science. You told us via the Twitter machine and a few customer surveys that you wanted to be able to pick your own Money-Back Special, so here you go. Enjoy.

So it is all fairly simple. Rather than running our normal MBS on some of the biggest sporting events every week, we’re letting you decide what predicament you’d like as a safety net.

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