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ICE BUCKET POWER HOSE: Want to see Paddy getting lashed out of it? Course you do…

When somebody mentioned 'hose' Paddy Power's ears pricked. Imagine his disappointment when faced with burly firemen...

by Paddy Power | August 29, 2014

OK, so it wasn’t the first time I have been nominated in this crazy time that shall always be remembered as the year of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but it was certainly the most elaborate call-out I received (from our pals at the Lad Bible)… and, let’s face it, pretty much impossible to top, especially with just 48 hours’ notice.

After a good 30-second head scratch I looked up my phone and found the contact I was looking for – Fireman Ian. BOOM!

Ian sorted everything for me and got the Dublin Fire Brigade on board to lash me out of it, so many thanks to all of them – although they were pretty aggressive with their hosing, I’m wondering had they lost a few quid in their local PP shop down the road?!

My favourite bit was when they gave my undercarriage a good wash as I was sweating a bit down there with the nerves.

My nominations were random enough, maybe I should have thought about them before the camera went on.  However, I’m fairly positive that Prince Harry will oblige and surely Rick Astley, Indy Kaila (whatever that is) and mum’s wonder horse Sole Power will follow his example and get wet.

There are a fair few cynics out there about the whole Ice Bucket Challenge thingy, and this wasn’t my first time doing it, but the reality is that it’s a good cause and a bit of craic.

As long as people actually donate when they do it, happy days!

How to donate…

Here’s that Lad Bible nomination…

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