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Where can I get a pair of Rainbow Laces?

This September you can join Paddy Power and our partners as we try to drive a genuine change in attitudes towards homesexuality in football. This is how you can get involved, and show your support by lacing up...

by Josh Powell | September 5, 2014

You’ve read a bit of the history and you’ve seen the Arsenal players put in an Oscar-winning performance. Now you want to lace up and show your support for #RainbowLaces, so here’s how.

  • You can grab a pair of these fashionable game-changers from any of our Paddy Power shops in the UK. If you don’t know where your nearest one is, then you can head over here to our handy little shop locator. Simply pop in, ask the nice guys behind the counter for a pair and lace up. You’ll be the envy of your mates in no time.
  • Alternatively you can head to and follow the instructions to get your pair of Rainbow Laces. While you’re over there you can also check out some of the top work the charity do. It’s 100 per cent better than stalking your next door neighbour on Facebook or watching the latest underwhelming video of a cat running into a window.

Wear them at your five-a-side, put them in your boots for Sunday League or simply rock them on your brogues around the office. If you’re really alternative you can wear them as a headband, or even as a belt. It’s up to you. Show your support, raise awareness, and help change the game.

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